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Locations in both New Castle and Newark, Delaware, BBLC is proud to open its doors to the public. A top of the line facility to meet the needs of any child! We offer a multitude of programs and activities to engage and inspire the youngest members of our society to learn and grow, to blossom and bloom. Check out all the great features BBLC is currently offering!

Welcome to Blossom & Bloom!


Thank you for your interest in Blossom & Bloom Learning Center. Recently established, Delaware certified by the Delaware Department of Child Care Licensing, we are pleased to open our doors to the community.


At BBLC we offer top-of-the-line child care, that encourages every child to reach their maximum potential. Creative classroom activities, hands-on fun, and challenging programs are all being offered to every child, at every age. Why hinder an infant's ability to learn? We at BBLC believe the sky is the limit and we strive to push our students to reach for the stars. Learning never ends, and on that same note, it's never too early to start. Our high-quality program offers far more than basic child care. 

Our programs offer high-quality academics, fun learning through play experience and relationships that will last a lifetime and it does not end there. Make your appointment to tour our top-of-the-line facility, meet our experienced, friendly staff and see all we have to offer.  



"I am so excited to say that our doors are finally open. We have worked hard for years to create a certified, state approved center that will raise the standard of child care in our community. Our children deserve the best, and at BBLC we will give them nothing less!"

Mrs. Lamis Alkurdi


Events & Programs

Early Learning, newborn to age 1


The infant programs to some may just be a bunch of babies, but babies have potential! Finger painting, story time and tons of love are just some of the services offered by our Infant teachers. We maintain a ratio of 1 teacher per 4 babies so every child gets the attention and love they need. We strive to work closely with the family to help create and maintain healthy habits and routines for your precious one. Infants too follow a curriculum geared to aiding them meet their milestones as well as open up their minds to unlimited possibilities. Infants are spoken to in multiple languages and offered activities to spike their interests. Our infant program is truly spectacular!

Ages 1-5


Aside from a day full of learning and hands-on activities, your child will be surrounded by qualified, highly trained staff that will encourage them to develop on every level.Academic, social skills, and cognitive development are all exercised on a daily basis. Watch and see your little one surprise you with their newly gained manners, kind words and knowledge. Every child, at every age level can learn to lead the way, and at BBLC, we are their guides and facilitators!

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