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Check out the list below for helpful links to services, useful information, and other resources to help you find aid for your family and young children. 

Dry Flowers

If you are concerned about your child's development between the ages of three and five, click the link to discover contact information for the district where you reside.  

If you are concerned about your child's development, you can have him/her assessed to see if they are eligible for early intervention/early childhood special education programs. For children aged three and under.

Books, Balls, and Blocks (BBB) is a free, enjoyable family event where children can receive an early child developmental assessment.  Parents and caregivers are welcome to come play with their children and learn about how games and activities promote child development. Anyone living in Delaware who cares for a child aged 5 or younger is invited (siblings are welcome). At the event, there are activity stations, each with a different technique to help a child develop on track.

Child and Family First strengthens Delaware families by providing programs for healthy newborns, new mothers, early care and education, youth, positive parenting, family resources, community schools, the workplace, foster care, and adoption.

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